Academic Programs
Enrichment Programs

CHARACTER BUILDING - Children learn the basic values that help them develop with a strong foundation on which they can base their lives and build their future. Building character is a full-time job just as building strong bodies is. Character building demands quality materials and daily exercise. 
LANGUAGE - Children learn to recognize letter-sound correspondence. Literacy and language is enhanced by directed and undirected play. Through these they learn to transfer their thought and express their feelings.
MATH - Children learn one on one correspondence skill, all varieties of activities aimed of developing number recognition, sequencing, finding pattern and writing numbers.
HANDS-on SCIENCE - Children will do hands-on experiments where they can use their senses to observe, explore, feel and predict. It is their opportunity to get new experience and enjoy exploring everyday objects around them. ​

SIMPLE COOKING / GOURMET - Children will get an experience in a different way to learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills. The experience of creating meals will help building their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.
CREATIVE ART - Children have fun with hands-on activity that expands their imagination and creativity. This activity develops their small motor and eye/hand coordination, and sharpens their capability of observation.
MUSIC AND MOVEMENT - Children learn to control their bodies, reinforce their attention span and the ability to listen to instructions. It is a creative experience which involves expression of feelings.